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Secure Space For Your Website and Email Located In The UK

Once a website is designed, it needs storing or “hosting” on a server that is directly connected to the Internet. The web server does an awful lot more including storing and processing email, running database and other services so needs to be sufficiently powerful enough to do all of this and be fast enough to minimise delays when viewing a website.

Location is important, since the nearer a web server is to your visitors, the faster the site will load and it is the server’s location that can influence which search engine the website can be found. i.e. a UK business will be found more easily if it is hosted on a UK server. Some of our cheaper competitors use US or (cheaper) low cost hosting in Eastern Europe – which can pose a security risk in itself.

With security on everyones’ minds, we now offer a FREE SSL Certificate with every Standard or Premium Hosting package. Google also ranks sites higher that have proper SSL encryption. You can pay as much as £50 for an SSL certificate, we offer it FREE.

Whilst we are not the cheapest or offer the highest number of Gigabytes, what we do offer is secure reliable managed hosting based in the UK with multiple high speed connections to the internet. We only host our client’s websites/email and will never overload a server so you can guarantee that you will never share you hosting with an unknown spammy or adult content site or file sharing site. Our server supplier is ISO 9001 and 27001 registered and as a result of their service we can offer a near 100% SLA with all hosting plans (PDF link)

Below are some sample hosting specifications – we recommend the Standard plan for most requirements unless your site is very small or Basic. The Premium plan includes site backup, additional security and limited updates all for a few pounds per month.

*1: Restore fee applies at standard hourly rates.
*2: You are responsible for keeping your Wordpress site up to date. You agree that we will charge a fee for critical security updates.
*3: Unused months cannot be carried other. Site updates are up to one hour's work maximum. Additional hours billed at standard rates.

The Web Hosting Challenge

Is your existing website loading slowly or always down? Are you concerned about the security of your website? Are you sure your existing host stores your website in the UK?

The Solution

Lincolnshire IT Limited only offer high-speed secure UK web hosting, using the latest hardware. We monitor and maintain the servers for optimum reliability and security offering our services to only our clients.

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Our normal office hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. If we are busy, please ensure you leave a message and we will call you straight back.

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