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email writingEmail has been considered a critical requirement for any business or indeed at home. It is the primary source of business communication across the entire world. Millions of emails are sent every single day due to the speed, 24/7 availability and low cost of sending to multiple recipients Email has long been considered the primary business communication tool in the UK, and across the developed world. Indeed, we’re all well aware of the benefits against the traditional postal service – high speed, 24/7 availability, low cost, multiple recipient sending and accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Most businesses would acknowledge that email is critical to their success. Why settle for a basic generic webmail account of when you can have

Our Standard Features

  • Fully UK Hosted – necessary for compliance in many businesses
  • End-to-end SSL Encryption ensures your email communication is safe.
  • Multiple server resilience – guarantees almost 100% availability even in case of server failure.
  • Multiple mailboxes and unlimited forwarding.
  • Our smallest mailbox is 1GB – enough storage for many emails.
  • Spam and virus filtering as standard.
  • Your own domain name of your choice – subject to availability so your email address is personal to you.
  • Access via all mail clients, mobile devices and webmail at no extra cost.

Optional Features

  • Up to 10GB storage
  • Advanced Spam filtering with daily digest
  • Ability to recover emails incorrectly marked as spam
  • Advanced mail tracking – useful to verify if emails actually have been sent to you.
  • Out of office / holiday reply.
  • Mailing lists

Looking for something more, check out our Hosted Microsoft Exchange with storage up to 100GB, advanced calendar, contacts and tasks.    

The Email Challenge

Looking for resilient, personalised, secure UK based email that won’t let you down. Want to access it anytime from any device?

The Solution

Contact Lincolnshire IT Limited today to discuss how we can provide a secure email package to suit you for as little as £5 per month.

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