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office 365Microsoft Office is one of the most used office products throughout the world. Traditionally, to get the latest versions meant spending a fortune on licenses and disks.  Whats more the penalties for using unlicensed or “dodgy copies” in business can run into thousands. As such businesses had two options: run old versions and have compatibility issues or keep inventing heavy (often several £100s per PC). Now there is another way – paying a low monthly fee for each license (or user).

You get the latest versions of your favourite software automatically delivered to your user’s desktops without lengthy (and costly) onsite installation.

Example: 10 computers wanting the latest version of MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook and a file server for storing files.

Traditionally the cost would be: 10x £229=£2290 (source Microsoft UK Store – price correct August 2017) plus onsite installation for the current 2016 version. A typical file server adds in the region of another £1200 plus ongoing maintenance. Total Price £3490

With Office 365 the monthly cost is: 10x£7.90=£79 per month (based on Office 365 Business) for the latest version including 1TB of online storage (replacing your file server). For a business, leasing software is also tax deductible. Total Annual Cost £948

As Microsoft Partners, we can offer further discounts on the Microsoft Store prices as well reducing the annual cost to as little as £850. Thats for the latest Microsoft Office software plus a whopping 10TB of file storage accessible anywhere, not just in the office. Added to the fact you also get versions to install on your staff member’s phones and tablets, they can use Office anywhere.


The Software Challenge

Is managing your business software an unnecessary and costly headache? Tired of running out of date software due to the enormous cost of replacement?

The Solution

Lincolnshire IT Limited have business experience in a wide range of software and as Microsoft Partners can get you the best deals on Office software. Contact us today to assess your software needs and offer impartial advice. Whats more we can save you several £100s per year.

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