Groupware and Cloud Computing

Exchange Email and Information With Your Colleagues
exchange email and data with your colleagues

Today it is more important to stay connected with colleagues, friends and family.

We provide a range of groupware solutions that let you access your email anywhere and keep all your contacts and calendars safely stored. Gone are the days of having to visit the office for that essential file, or not being able to show your family your photos just because you are not near your computer.

Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes

Our mailbox accounts are different but built on the stable platform that has been used in corporate environments for many years. You can access your email, contacts, calendars and task lists from anywhere in the world on any device – PC/Mac/mobile phone/tablet/internet cafe and more.

  • Starting with a massive 50GB of storage per mailbox (50x more than most email providers!!)
  • Securely hosted on multiple local datacentres in East Yorkshire – we like to keep our services local!
  • Corporate class email with Contacts, Calendars and Tasks which can be shared amongst your colleagues.
  • Our Exchange accounts can be accessed from Microsoft Outlook (PC/Mac), via the internet from your password protected portal, on your mobile phone (Android/iOS) and tablet anytime, anywhere.

All this for as little as £5 per month.

Got an existing mail account with another provider or still using an in-house server – let us migrate your data for you.

The Exchange Challenge

Whether you are a large business with many users or a small business looking to share information securely amongst colleagues, you need a cost-effective stable system for your email.

The Solution

That’s where Lincolnshire IT Limited comes in. We can provide secure hosted Exchange mailboxes accessible from any device, anywhere, at anytime – and its locally based in the UK to comply with SafeHabour Secure Data Requirements!

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